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Top Best Alternatives to 1337x Proxy and Mirror Sites
over 2 years ago

Most of the countries around the world have blocked sites that are torrent in nature since all the contents on that site are pirated. Users are used to any movie that they want to download or watch online within a second.

Even those countries where the site is blocked will be unblocked by the people there and they will enjoy watching it.


1337x & 1337x proxy sites:
Amazing torrent site among many other websites is 1337x which can be an aid in peer-to-peer file sharing. When you try to get access to the torrent site and if you can’t access it you must know that it would have been blocked by the government to prevent the sharing of the pirated content. Even if the original torrent site got banned, it isn’t an issue. All you can do is get access to the 1337x proxy list.


The proxy site:
In the proxy site, you will be seeing everything the same as the original site, the difference you can identify is their domain name.


1337x mirror site:
Mirror sites usually will be of different sites yet the contents will be the same as the original websites.


Other options than the 1337x proxy:
Anyhow if none of these 1337x proxy sites or mirror sites work for you and also you want to try an alternative to this website, then we are here to help you with plenty of other such websites.
1. Pirate Bay
3. ExtraTorrents
4. LimeTorrents
5. KickassTorrents.


This information given here is for educational purposes alone, we do not in any way promote torrents sites.

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